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5 Reasons to Get Married in Autumn

Autumn weddings are often considered a budget option but in reality they’re just beautiful! For many people, Autumn is their favourite season and all the seasonal decorations can add a lovely charm to your big day. But before we have you convinced to plan an Autumn wedding, here are 5 reasons pro and against it: Weather is usually pretty mild this time of year so you’re not risking your guests being cold or too hot. The only thing to bear in mind is rain. You can be prepared with a pack of wedding umbrellas. In summer, white wedding umbrellas are the most popular choice but in Autumn you can experiment with red, orange and other seasonal colours for a wonderful rich colours look. Remember to keep your guests updated on the weather and indoor /outdoor nature of your wedding. You can go a step further and buy blankets or light a fireplace if the weather turns cooler. All in the spirit of cosiness.
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One of the most beautiful things about Autumn is the scenery. Wonderfully coloured leaves and “golden hour” warm glow create a great background for wedding photos. Make sure you plan for it with your photographer. Remember that the sun goes down earlier at this time of the year which make affect your wedding timeline and photos. If you’re a home buddy by nature and love everything cosy - Autumn wedding decor is perfect for you! Pumpkins, apples, blankets, candles to name just a few traditional things. Glitter is very popular for winter weddings but you can start early and add a lovely warm coloured sparkle in a form of bridesmaids dresses or table decoration. Two words: comfort food. Autumnal food is warm and rich, full of lovely seasonal ingredients. It gives you a chance to serve some amazing vegan options made with locally grown vegetables. Also having a rich, warm meal will make your guests feel cosy and relaxed. Our choices are: anything with butternut squash, mushrooms and thanksgiving pies. Of course the main pro of an Autumn wedding is the off peak prices. Everything is cheaper than in the summer. So if you love Autumn and can't wait to embrace seasonal food, flowers, colours, start planning and tag us in your photos because Jollybrolly loves Autumn weddings!
bride groom walking in autumnal forest Autumn is a beautiful time to get married.