Water balloons in kids hands

5 Kids Umbrellas summer games

Have you run out of activities you can do with your kids during the lockdown? It seems that during the lockdown, the parents have the toughest time working and entertaining their kids. To help, we’ve done some creative thinking and came up with 3 indoor games you can play using kids umbrellas. If your kids don't have umbrellas, see our selection here.

Water balloon fight

The weather will get warmer very soon and if you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you can let your kids play in it. Water balloon fighting is an excellent outdoor activity for parents and kids. Be prepared for giggles and screams! You can add kids umbrellas as an extra “shield” for the kids.

Red Light, Green Light

Use a kids umbrella to signal red and green. Umbrella up means go, umbrella down means stop. Simple and easy game for inside or outdoors. If you don't know the rules, kids have to go from one point of the room (or area) to another but stop when the red light is on or in our version of the game - kids umbrella is down. The child that doesn't stop on time is out of the game.

Kids Umbrella Bean Bag Toss

Place an open umbrella upside down and have children toss bean bags (or other soft object) into it. See how far back they can stand and get the beanbags in the umbrella. You can use water balloons instead of bean bags in warm weather.

Umbrella colouring

If you’re not up for energetic activity, get your child to draw an umbrella or print a colouring book and enjoy them being preoccupied for at least 10 minutes.

The Camping Umbrella Game

This game is a bit of a head scratcher but if you understand the rules, it can be lots of fun for kids and parents. See the rules here. In the game one person says a sentence and the rest of the group follow it one by one, only changing the item they are going to bring to the camping trip. The most important factor in the game is listening and guessing the rule of the game. As hard as being in lockdown is, it has switched our thinking and forced us to be creative in our own houses, something we didn't have to do before. Embrace the time you have with your kids and remember to appreciate every little moment we have with each other.
Written by: Anna