5 Best Ladies Umbrellas for Autumn/ Winter 2020

Another year, another rainy season! If you still haven't bought a reliable ladies umbrella, do it this season and choose one of our most stylish women's brollies. As women we have the privilege to have a wide selection of lovely umbrellas, it seems that men usually get black options. Still, a gents style umbrella can be a chic women's accessory. See below our choice of bestselling ladies umbrellas and ones that we think should be selling a lot more than they do!


Maroon Wood Stick Umbrella Maroon Wood Stick Umbrella at £10.99
These ladies umbrellas sell so fast, we can’t keep up! They’re colourful and come in a regular and windproof version. We recommend Maroon colour - one for the Autumnal vibes but all the colours are rich and lovely. Wooden detail adds an expensive touch at a budget price!


Scottish Terrier Clear Dome Umbrella Scottish Terrier Clear Dome Umbrella by Susino at £9.99
All clear ladies umbrellas are in style these days. Go for a plain clear one for a simple look or printed for an added fun touch. We offer a cat, french bulldog or Scottish terrier options.


Yellow Classic Blunt Umbrella Yellow Classic Blunt Umbrella at £60.00
Its usually men who want the latest tech but these brollies are ideal for a tech savvy lady! Just look at the colours - our choice is the yellow Classic version but a smaller XS Chilli Pepper is even more Autumn appropriate. These ladies umbrellas come with an added sustainability aspect - they have 2 years warranty and should last you for years and years. Buy it with TILE to avoid losing this gem of a ladies umbrella.


Lulu Guinness Logo Walking Umbrella Lulu Guinness Logo Walking Umbrella at £27.00
Designer logo is still a dominant trend with Instagram influencers so why not represent a British designer Lulu Guinness with this Logo Walking Umbrella. Red handle adds chicness - will go well with red lipstick!


Clear PVC Golf Umbrella Clear PVC Golf Umbrella at £25.00
Go for inspiration on Pinterest to find how stunning this umbrella can look. Team it with a black coat and elegant accessories - think Prada or Armani. Of course this ladies umbrella will look great as a part of a casual outfit.

With this wonderful selection of ladies umbrellas it will be hard to make up your mind but have a scroll through Pinterest and choose which style suits you best, ladies. And then shop, shop, shop! See our full selection of ladies umbrellas here
Written by: Anna Wisniewska