5 Best Garden Wedding Accessories

Getting married in a garden can be so much fun! Especially post lockdown, you can maintain social distancing and still have a great time. Assuming you already found the perfect garden for your event, it's now time to think about accessories. Here is our list of top 5 garden wedding accessories:

Fairy lights

Lighting is one of the most important decorations at any type of wedding but the first thing that comes to your mind when you think garden weddings are fairy lights. Twinkling as it gets darker outside. They bring on a magical, dreams come true atmosphere. Candles are a great option as well.

Signs and boards

Since there’s no corridors outdoors, you need signs to point your guests in the direction of buffet/ menu, bar, toilet… They’re also a great way to create memories. Think seating plan or guest escort cards. You can also place some instant cameras around the tables for guests to take photos and pin photos to a board later on to show them off.


Gardens usually have a fair amount of greenery and flowers already but you can go with the theme and add more flowers on tables and seating areas. Flowers and trees are what will make your wedding. Planning a wedding usually starts early so you can go ahead and plant some additional annual flowers ( they will only live for one year) such as white angelonia, sweet alyssum, begonias or marigolds for a touch of Indian wedding feel.


Your guests will appreciate this gesture when it gets dark and ladies in their lovely dresses start getting chilly. It also adds a comfort level in case of rain… You can also organise a small bonfire at the end of the night and the last guest can seat around it with the blankets and glasses of wine.

Clear Umbrellas

Yes, rain… it happens more than not in the UK so you need clear umbrellas on stand to hand out to you guests. Luckily they’re so pretty these days, you wont mind the rain! You can match them to your colour scheme or keep clear. Additionally they’re a wonderful accessory to take wedding photos with. Its best to keep it casual planning a garden wedding, the atmosphere is definitely more important than pricey decorations. As long as you keep your guests comfortable and entertained, you will have the time of your life!
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