3 Reasons to Choose a Branded Golf Umbrella

Golf umbrellas are known for their strength and size - perfect for a golf course! But what exactly makes these brollies the perfect for printing your company logo on?

What Is a Golf Umbrella?

Golf umbrellas are designed with golf players in mind - to protect them and their clubs from bad weather conditions on the golf course. They’re usually substantially bigger with canopy ranging from 120cm. They’re also stronger since made for sport and professional use. Most common material used in golf umbrellas production are fibreglass for the pole and waterproof pongee fabric for the canopy. Sometimes polyester is used for the cheap golf umbrella versions.

Golf Umbrella vs. Regular Umbrella

The biggest difference between them is size. Golf umbrellas are much larger and give you more space to print your logo on. Golf umbrellas with logo are an obvious choice for your marketing campaign since they’re stronger, larger and usually more cost efficient than spending money on a cheap umbrella that may cost a lot but don’t last long.

How to Choose the best golf umbrellas with logo?

Our website has a selection of custom golf umbrellas, we even sell unprinted ones here. The biggest difference between the brollies are: Size. Our own Jollybrolly golf umbrellas and the branded Bedford golf umbrella both measure 120cm across the canopy however if you’re looking for a bigger surface the Branded Sheffield canopy size is 130cm. Bigger canopy space gives you more opportunity to have your logo printed at a bigger size. Weight. Lighter golf umbrella with a logo is better for everyday use but heavier one is more sturdy. If you’re looking for a golf umbrella with logo that will be purely used for advertising your company - the Branded Golf Umbrellas will do perfectly but if you’re planning to put your branded umbrella to work the branded Bedford Umbrella is heavier and sturdier. Materials. Golf umbrellas with a logo and a fibreglass frame do not attract lighting as much as steel one would if this is something you’re concerned about. Our choice of fibreglass frame is Branded Sheffield Umbrella. Printing qualities. Very often a printing company will have a fabric requirement for a specific logo design you enquire about. This also goes for Pantone matching your canopy. Ask us before placing your order if your logo is not too complicated to be printed on a simple polyester canopy. Golf umbrella with logo are simply the best option for your branded order. You will feel great handing our a large sturdy umbrella to your visitors and they will - hopefully enjoy using it on every rainy occasion.