a woman wearing a black and red floral dress and sunglasses

Autumn/Winter 2019 Ladies Umbrellas Trends

Beginning of September marks the start of Autumn/Winter season in fashion and high street stores. Even though we still want to enjoy the warm weather, many women already have their eye on the latest autumn trends and potential wardrobe additions. We sort of missed coats and warm knit jumpers! September can still be a warm month but soon you’ll need a chic ladies umbrella and a scarf to get your through the cooler months. See below what trends you can expect in the shops and the best ladies umbrellas to compliment them.

Purple Rain

Purple comes back regularly as an autumnal trend so you don’t have to worry its a one -off. This stunning shade was once synonymous with royalty, power and wealth. Now the designers suggest wearing it head to toe in different shades and textures. The more wearable street style translates it to wearing purple as an accent colour be it a cosy knit or a hat. If you want your ladies umbrella to be on trend, we have our very own Jollybrolly and golf umbrellas in a lovely shade of Cadbury purple.
a purple umbrella Plain Purple Ladies Golf Umbrella from £9.00

Dark Florals

Summer is gone but it doesn't mean we want to say goodbye to the floral prints. Autumn florals are dark and rich in colour. You can wear them in the currently most popular maxi dresses (like the Zara one) with a cosy knit jumper layered on top. This trend is best represented by our Kensigton Colour Pop Rose Ladies Umbrella.
a floral umbrella Kensington Colour Pop Rose Ladies Umbrella at £22.00


Lace is a go-to evening detail but the more adventurous ladies wear it day to day in various ways, most interestingly layered over a skirt or trousers. 90s trend of wearing lace/ sheer tops is also back and the puffy sheer tops have been popping up everywhere at the end of summer. The more creative way you find of incorporating lace into your outfit - the better so why not do it with a womans umbrella? Our Black Boutique Vintage Style Printed Umbrella fits into the lace trend perfectly!
a black lace print umbrella Black Boutique Vintage Style Printed Umbrella at £22.99

Oversized coats

Coats are often that one piece of Autumn/ Winter wardrobe we can’t resist - there’s so many good ones! This season oversized is the shape to buy. Puffed up sleeves and bright colours add a new aspect to this wardrobe staple. Now all we need is a cold winter! If you go big on a coat, why not go big on a ladies umbrella! Our large Stormshield Black and White Golf Umbrella is 130cm wide and will stay in proportion with your oversized coat or jacket.
a large black and white umbrella Stormshield Black and White Golf Umbrella at £24.99
There’s plenty more Autumn/ Winter trends that we can’t translate into ladies umbrella selection, such as leather everything (is there a leather umbrella out there?), square toe shoes or puffed up shoulders but there is always a classic black ladies umbrella to pair them with. So have fun with the latest trends, remember your own style and consider a ladies umbrella as a fun ( and useful) fashion accessory!