10 Reasons to Start Playing Golf

For the last few months I've been living right next to a golf course/ park and enjoyed going for daily walks there. In mid May, when the pandemic restrictions began to be lifted, I began to see people playing golf and wondered about what sort of people play this game. We are used to seeing politicians such as US presidents playing golf and perceive golf as a rich person hobby but that’s not entirely true. Sure you do need to pay for each game and buy the equipment plus accessories such as a golf umbrella but it is not as much as you would think. Playing golf can be an excellent hobby if you do not like strenuous exercise and team sports. It’s often a one on one game where you get you talk and play - perfect for introverts! There are plenty of other reasons why golf is a great hobby. See 10 reasons to play golf below:

1. It's a great source of Vitamin D and fresh air.

Being out in the sun is great for your overall wellness and mood. Spending time in nature will make you look forward to a game.

2. Good for socialising and networking.

Playing golf is a great way to catch up with your friends and spend an afternoon socialising. It can also be a family outing since the golf course is usually a park as well.

3. Good light exercise.

Golf is a low impact sport that keeps you fit thanks to the walking and swinging movement. It also keeps your brain sharp as you have to focus on the game.

4. Challenge.

If you’re a beginner, learning rules of golf can be a fun challenge along with of course learning how to play. Good news is that you can practice anywhere, even at home.

5. You will know the rules.

When you master the rules, it will open another element of entertainment - watching golf tournaments! You will finally know how good Tiger Woods is and get to know his style of game.

6. Golf holiday.

Have you ever looked up golf holiday images? Golf courses around the world are truly stunning and are located in places such as Hawaii, Scotland, Canada and of course USA.

7. The look.

Looking like a pro golfer is expensive but you can do it on a budget. Polo shirts and sleek shorts can be found at most sports shops and you can find lovely cheap golf umbrellas in our store here. You really don't need to spend a lot to look the part.

8. Looks good on CV.

Talking about your hobbies on CV or job application can be a head scratcher if you have none but adding golf as your hobby will not only fill the empty space but impress the potential employer since its such a unique activity.

9. It's multigenerational.

There’s no age limit on playing golf. A teenager can play with his or her grandfather and have a lovely activity to share and bond over.

10. It's exciting.

A lot of people have a competitive streak to them and what's more fun than embracing it! You can practice and get better, show off in front of your friends and gleam with joy when you win a round. So if you’re looking for an activity to spend your time on, why not give golf a chance? Find your local golf course, get a club, balls and a golf umbrella ( its Britain - best to be prepared! ), learn the rules and enjoy!