a golf bag with clubs inside

10 Non-Golf Items You Should Have in Your Golf Bag

If you’re new to playing golf sometimes it may seem overwhelming to know exactly what equipment to get or what to put in your golf bag especially since not all the items you need are golf specific. To save you time, we’ve created a list of all the non-golf specific items you need in your bag at all times. A Golf Umbrella - you simply can’t abandon your game if it starts raining! Golf umbrella, rain outfit and gloves are all the rain protection you’ll need. Didn't realise you need a golf umbrella? See our selection here: https://www.jollybrolly.co.uk/plain/plain-golf-umbrellas.html
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Coins - did you know that sometimes you will have to remove your ball and mark its place on a green if its in a way of another's players putting? A coin or other small, round and flat object are perfect for it. Towel - golf can get messy so don’t forget a dark towel in your bag to wipe any dirty clubs. The towel is also useful if the weather is hot or rainy, just make sure you don’t wipe your face with the dirty club-towel! Pen and pencil - you wouldn't believe how important having pen and pencil is! Use it on the scorecard and to mark your golf balls. Reusable Water bottle - as with any other sport keeping hydrated is crucial! Keep things sustainable with a nice reusable bottle. Bug spray - playing golf near a forest or a pond can result in a mosquito invasion, make sure to have a bug spray to protect you from the bites and unnecessary distraction. Sunscreen - being outside for long hours playing golf demands an SPF. Even if you don't wear an SPF everyday (like you should) make an effort to use one on a golf course otherwise you can end up with a red face at the end of the day. First Aid Kit - from a headache to cuts and splinters you want to be prepared for small injuries playing golf can cause. Extra socks - pack a spare pair in case you step into a puddle or get your feet wet in the rain. Energy bars - a golf game can last for hours! You want to be prepared and focused on the game, not preoccupying your brain with being hungry.