Children's umbrellas for schools, theatre groups and art projects


childrens umbrellas


 We are contacted by a huge number of schools, theatrical performance companies and play groups asking if our Plain Jollybrolly umbrellas are suitable for children, to which we say YES, if 5 years old or over!  Our umbrellas meet all current UK manufacturing guidelines and safety requirements for umbrellas, so whether you're putting on a performance at school, painting them as part of an art project or using them as props in drama, then you can order our product with confidence.

Although we are happy to supply to consumers using these umbrellas with children, Jollybrolly can not be held responsible for the miss-use of our product and would strongly suggest adult supervision for any children under 10 years of age. After all at that age an umbrella can be easily mistaken for a sword aboard a pirate ship!

The Jollybrolly umbrellas are our budget offering and are very popular for dance shows and performances however please be advised that although the brollies are perfect for the job, vigorous swinging  from side to side during a dance routine may compromise it's durability. 

This style is very often purchased to use as childrens school umbrellas - we can even print your schools logo on the canopy. Cheap and cheerful! The canopy can be also painted with either pvc or acrylic based paints to create a fun and innovative art class idea or play enhancement! We even had few instances of creative people fully decorating the brollies and winning competitions! 



 If you're interested in childrens umbrellas please see our full range of kids umbrellas here, perfect to use as school umbrellas and everyday "fun times" brollies, especially since they feature magical creatures such us unicorns, princesses and pirates!