Plain Walking Umbrellas

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    BUY PLAIN WALKING UMBRELLAS ONLINE Our range of plain walking umbrellas are available in a selection of fantastic colours and start at just £6.99 per umbrella! Walking umbrellas are the ideal wet weather precaution - each umbrella comes totally plain with no logos or markings and we can have them delivered to your door within 2 working days. These plain walking umbrellas are perfect for outdoor events where you may have a large number of guests - each umbrella can comfortably fit one adult, and potentially squeeze two at a push! Walking umbrellas are a little large, but still suitable for children (although we do have a dedicated kids umbrella section!), making them great for children's events, school or theatre products and art classes. Need a bigger umbrella? Check out our range of golf umbrellas - these are also available in the full range of colours and start at just £8.00 each! With a wide 120cm canopy when opened, these umbrellas will definitely cover 2 adults with ease. Our plain golf umbrellas are also free of logos or markings so they are perfect for large events and look great in photos.  

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