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    WHAT'S SO SPECIAL ABOUT A BLUNT UMBRELLA? By combining innovative design with quality workmanship, Blunt have created a fantastically durable range of unisex umbrellas that perform when you need them most. With proven strong wind and rain resistance, sturdy Blunt umbrella is guaranteed to keep you dry on your travels! Suitable for men and women which makes them a perfect unisex umbrella.  The most unique aspect of Blunt umbrellas is their sustanibilty. The umbrellas come with 2 years warranty and can be repaired! BLUNT wants their umbrellas to be used for years and not be disposable. The company has a lovely ethos of repair not replace and we're cheering on them to do well in the UK as they're already a hit in their homeland - New Zealand! Blunt umbrella is a transformation in umbrella design. All Blunt umbrellas use an aerodynamic robust canopy structure, double struts and 'Blunt tips' making them the pinnacle weather defence. 'Blunt tips', featured around the edge of the canopy, open like miniature umbrellas into their specially designed pockets, evenly distributing the tension right to the edge of the Blunt umbrella where it is needed most.  BUY BLUNT UMBRELLA ONLINE The 'Classic' Blunt umbrella was the first performance umbrella created. Its a full sized golf umbrella - the ideal umbrella for people needing excellent coverage with perfection and design. The 'Metro'  Blunt Umbrella is the perfect harmony of portability and execution for a compact umbrella so you don't have to limit functionality for size! XL or in newer version Exec Blunt umbrella - comes at a larger 137cm canopy. Blunt Sport Umbrella is the largest pro offering at 146cm  At Jolly Brolly we pride ourselves on delivering stylish and practical brollies - so the Blunt umbrellas range fits perfectly. The collection includes a number of bold and vibrant colours so you'll be sure to brighten up any rainy day in the UK under the protection of your trusty Blunt umbrella! These hi tech brollies are perfect travel umbrellas as they fold up to a smaller size and are durable - what else can you ask from an ideal travel companion. So even if you're hiking in Asia or Hawaii - lucky you! - don't forget to purchase a Blunt umbrella and take it with you! Don't forget all of our Blunt umbrellas are available with our 2 working day delivery service if you're pushed for time!

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